1:30 pm | My First Blab!

What’s Blab? It’s like Periscope, but a bit more focused and flexible. Where Periscope is the wild, wild West of online realtime video, Blab is a topic-driven activity where up to four people can video chat simultaneously—and those four can change over the course of a single Blab. Everyone else watches, post text comments, and can vote for their favorite guest. Blabs can be recorded for future playback.

It’s still in beta as an iPhone or Android app (or online), but things are expanding and smoothing out quickly.

There’s a growing list of topic channels. Blab moderators can schedule Blabs for later dates. For instance, the general topic of my first Blab Show is Double Your Business in 90 Days. The purpose of the Blab show itself is to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business, have more profits, more time and more fun!

Show Title: Upselling & Cross Selling
Date/Time: Monday, February 22nd, 2016 @ 1:30 pm CST

Check it out. Just sign in with your Twitter account, and join me in my first Blab! Sign up at blab.me, or download the app, jump in with me on Feb. 22!

Twitter: @DebbieMrazek  Blab: @DebbieMrazek