Accountability Increases Results

What you inspect gains respect. That which is measured is managed. No matter how you look at it, what you focus on expands. What separates The Sales Company from other sales consulting firms is our focus. A good-humored mix of compassionate guidance (think unconditional support) and no-nonsense sales savvy (think results), we focus on what is working, and expand from there.

Sometimes organizations need the accountability and perspective that only an outside third party can provide. No matter if you are a solo-preneur or a Fortune 500 company with a sales force of 1,000, our accountability programs make the grade.


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Sales Training, Improvement, and Coaching Programs

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Signs that you may be in need of an accountability program

  • Inequitable sales across your team
  • Unpredictable sales cycle—up one month, down the next
  • New sales professionals who need more attention
  • Veteran sales pro malaise
  • Sporadic success
  • Have leads, yet aren’t following up on them

The Sales Company works to create the ideal accountability program designed to deliver results. We stay only as long as we are needed and impart skills to your organization for long-term success.

Call us to get these outcomes:

  • Rapidly increasing sales results across a sales team
  • Quickly bringing a sales team together under new management
  • Increasing closing and client retention rates
  • Improving sales professionals’ results

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