We’ve been fortunate to receive countless testimonials through the years

The Inner Circle

After leaving a thriving business in another state, starting over seemed like a monumental undertaking. I soon learned about Debbie Mrazek and The Sales Company. People intrinsically trust The Sales Company, so much so that if they say you’re good, you’re in. I’ve realized leads from Debbie, and even other people she knows, that I may have never met. That’s what has really surprised me. You gain that inner-circle status just by being associated with The Sales Company. Those who know them will refer you if The Sales Company has referred you. It’s that potent.

We Went from $600K to $1M in sales—and Profits Up by 300%

The Sales Company helped us develop a strategy, set goals, and become accountable for those goals. In short, they turned our sales efforts into results. And it didn’t stop there. They helped us establish a vision we could follow and kept us motivated while we worked to achieve it. They helped us on the business side, too, by helping us avoid costly mistakes. At the end of the day, three or four mistakes can cost you three months of gross income. Since working with The Sales Company, we’ve gone from $600,000 to $1.1 million in sales, and our profits have increased 300 percent. The Rent-A-Sales-Manager program is the boss’s boss. If you are your own boss, it’s easy to drift. This program keeps you centered on what’s important.

Making Better Decisions

“We came to The Sales Company because sales were at a standstill and profits were dipping. The wisdom and perspective they brought to the sales and business side of our company were great! I never thought about sales this way before! The Sales Company continues to help us prioritize and decide which direction is best for our company. They don't make decisions for us; they help us make better decisions. My business has been steadily growing and we've hired three new employees since we started working with The Sales Company. They are the guardian angel of our business.”

Leave the Competition in the Dust

“The Sales Company helps you develop a successful sales strategy you can follow to results. That's been our experience. We booked 110% when our competitors were downsizing or going out of business. I know this was a direct result of the work we did with The Sales Company. They worked with us to develop a sales strategy tailored to our company and to each individual. And, they helped us stay positive and on top of the sales curve. Debbie Mrazek is great as a friend, a counselor, and adviser, but where she really excels is putting together a program that places and keeps you on top.”

Energizing Our Business

Working with The Sales Company is great! They brought a highly beneficial sales perspective to the staff. Debbie Mrazek is a spark plug, highly energetic, and she brings a great deal of energy to our events. Since working with The Sales Company, we’ve tapped the vast network of contacts they offer. What an eye opener!

Moving from Haphazard to Strategic

The Sales Company helps you take the sales process from a loose and haphazard approach to a proactive, planned, strategic approach that increases sales. The Sales Company has brought a lot of value to our company in the time we’ve worked with them. They helped us put the structure in place for an effective sales strategy. They also are a great source for contacts and networking; our pipeline is continually building. For me, sales isn’t my number-one task, so it’s easy to get off track. Their Rent-A-Sales-Manager program doesn’t allow that to happen. It keeps sales in the spotlight and adds order to the sales process. Most importantly, their program makes us accountable.

Incredible Resource

For the past two years, The Sales Company has worked for us to support international connections between Japan and Texas. They’re been a tremendous resource for contacts and business advice, and have helped me identify speakers for seminars as well as clients to participate in programs I have conducted. I’ve referred them to a Japanese organization, and they’ve made me looking great to them, since they all adore and love working with The Sales Company. When i mention Debbie Mrazek’s name, faces light up, and that’s enough to create a bond with anyone who knows her.