Optimism Gets You to the Bank Faster

First published on LinkedIn
By Debbie Mrazek

How Optimism Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Business requires you to deal with many different types of people on a daily basis, which means you have likely discovered that working with optimistic people, and being optimistic yourself, leads to a more positive experience. Not only can being optimistic help you enjoy your job more, it can also help you make more sales. Your attitude and the way that you speak with and treat people during the course of the day, can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Below you will find information on how being optimistic can help make you more successful.

Optimism on the Phone

When you work in sales, you will likely connect with a prospect for the first time over the phone. This person has never met you in person and has no idea about your personality or how dedicated you are to your clients. In order for you to reach the next level with this prospect, you will have to create a connection in the short amount of time that you have. To do this, you will need to be someone that the person on the other end of the phone, enjoys speaking with.

This is the ideal situation where optimism can be beneficial for you. When you have a positive attitude on the phone, it can be contagious. If you’re upbeat and fun, the person you are speaking with will feel more comfortable speaking with you. This can not only help you establish that all important connection with them, but it can also help them begin to trust you, which is the foundation of any successful business relationship.

Optimism in Negative Situations

An optimistic attitude can not only help you turn prospects into clients, but it can also help you handle negative situations better. When you work from an optimistic center, you understand that every negative situation is only temporary. You know that there is a solution to the problem and you will likely work harder until you find the best way possible to resolve the problem. When faced with challenges, those with an optimistic attitude tend to handle adversity in a much more productive manner than others.
Being Optimistic Helps You and Your Customers Have a Better Experience

Customers would much rather work with someone who is optimistic than with someone who sees the world in a more negative manner. If you enjoy what you do and the people that you work with each day, you will notice that your sales reflect your positive attitude.

The amount of success you experience on a daily basis is based purely on the way that you approach your day. When you approach it with optimism and only see the good in a situation, you will be rewarded with happier clients and a high level of sales each month.