How to Handle Hearing “No” In Sales


First published in
Thriving Women In Business
By Debbie Mrazek

Hearing the word No, salesAnyone who has worked in the field of sales has heard the word “no” at some point. It can be one of the hardest things to hear, especially when you are trying to close a deal. In some cases, rejection has led to many short lived sales careers. What you need to know is that it is something that everyone has had to deal with and it does not reflect who you are as a person or your level of professionalism. Below you will find some helpful ways to handle hearing “no”.


This is not something that many sales professionals are good at, but it can be quite beneficial. When you allow a potential client to think things over or continue browsing your products, they may be more open to hearing more about them. You may be surprised at how many times that “no” turns into a “yes” when they are given time to consider what you have to offer.


Any time you are faced with rejection it can be devastating to your confidence. What you need to understand about rejection is that it is not about you. It could simply be that your timing is off, or the business may be experiencing difficulties you are not aware of. The word “no” is never about you; there is always an underlying reason behind it.


Creating a connection with your clients is a great way to cultivate a positive business relationship. When your clients know that your services and products are reliable, they will more than likely choose to say “yes” to you. In some cases, they may say “no” but that can simply be based on the fact that they are not currently in need of your services. When this happens, just reach out to them after a few weeks. Their circumstances may have changed and they may be ready to close the deal.


As a sales professional you need to become a great listener. This will help you learn what your clients are interested in and what they need. When you know what they are looking for, you can then design your sales pitch around their specific set of needs.


If you have a likable personality and are friendly and outgoing, you will likely hear “yes” a lot more than you hear “no”. If a client finds you to be likable and approachable, they are more open to doing business with you and your company. While they may say “no” at first, if your personality is friendly you may be able to still close that deal.


The more you know about the products or services you are selling, the easier it will be to convince someone of their benefits. While they may say “no” at first, the more you explain and demonstrate the positive aspects of what you are selling, the more likely they are to change their mind.