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Give Your Sales Team the Sales Tools that Deliver

A sales pro is only as good as his/her sales tools. Even the most talented woodworker requires many tools to deliver a masterful creation. And, so do sales professionals—regardless of experience.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been perfecting the sales process. We’ve distilled it down to the most basic elements without losing what counts. Our processes and resources are designed to work with sales professionals instead of against them. As sales professionals ourselves, we understand that the perfect sales tools are simple to use and deliver outstanding results for the effort.


Strategic Alliance

  • Custom Program Fee

Strategic Sales Consulting

  • Custom Program Fee

Sales Training, Improvement, and Coaching Programs

This is how our individual coaching works:

  • A four-week engagement set phone appointments at a specific time each week - One-half hour/week or One-hour/week programs available
  • Coaching retainer is paid in advance prior to first appointment
  • Engagements are 30 day increments, renewable monthly
  • We do not have long-term contracts – our goal is to quickly move you to sales success!

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Ignite Your Sales Force - Sales Coaching and Skill Training for Beginners and Veterans

Don't leave your most important strategy to chance. Your sales strategy is the core of your company. It determines your future…so bring in the experts.

Our sales coaching:

  • Focuses on key issues specific to your individual performance of your company’s sales teams, and work towards improved results
  • Offers real-time help for sales issues or concerns – available 24/7 via phone or email during engagement
  • Provides sales accountability in a confidential and private manner

CAUTION: You may experience some or all of the following during our coaching:

  • Achieve results faster than ever imagined
  • Discover why helping people buy – not selling – is fun!
  • Fall in love with your product, your company and your clients
  • Begin to wake up with new zeal
  • Recognize that you are great at helping people buy



Sales Coaching Services and Consulting

Every sales person can improve, no matter how good they are. We can strengthen specific individual or group skills. When The Sales Company joins your program, improvements are transformed into significant new sales achievements.

Need a miracle or in a slump? We will help you accomplish things you never dreamed were possible. A confidential sales coach will get you back in the game and will work with you to streamline or revamp your sales process.

Ready to get started? Contact The Sales Company and your sales could increase in as few as 30 days!