Do you need to reduce your screen time?

I got a note from my iPhone that said my screen time was down 13% last week.

Does your screen time need to be down? I know mine does!


Most of my work does not come to me from the screen of my electronic devices! It comes to me one on one when I talk to people....on my electronic device iPhone:) and in person.

People hire people they know, like and trust. Most times people don't know, like and trust you from your technology correspondence but by YOU!

Yes, they can know you from your digital devices and they may even like what you have to say via them. But to know, like and trust you they need YOU!

Presenting yourself only on screen is a slippery slope. When I go into churches to teach in their career outreach programs for those who are unemployed I hear so many people that have done nothing but be on their computer and wonder why they still do not have a job.* Unfortunately I find a lot of people who need to do sales do the same thing.

Hide behind their computers.....and then wonder why they do not get business....and yet continue to try over and over this way.

What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (This quote is of course attributed to many so pick whoever you like it to be from!:))

So, what if you reduced your screen time and got on your phone, got out of your office, went to where these people who may know and like you are and let them know YOU and that they can trust you with their business?

If your phone or computer does not tell you what your screen time is and you are wondering. Please check out tools like:

Apps like Moment-Balance Screen Time

Quit typing and start talking to people and see if that doesn't help you improve SALES quickly!

......would love to hear your results if you try these tools to measure your screen time. I know I found it unsettling!!

*I believe finding a job is a SALES issue....selling yourself to the next person that will hire you. So, I use my gifts in this area to give back in my community by speaking to career outreach programs in the Dallas area. If you know anyone who is in job search mode right now you might direct them to my book to help them out. It is hard to believe but I have been doing this since 2000. When people began asking me to come to other cities unfortunately I did not have the bandwidth to do this pro bono work that way so I wrote the book for those who could not be with me.