Hello salespeople who want to be Great Sales People!


  • Are you tired of the dreariness of trying to figure out everything by yourself?

  • Are you tired of your SALES being feast or famine?

  • Do you lay awake at night worrying about SALES?

  • Are you ready to have some fun with your SALES?

  • How frustrated are you about having to do SALES?

  • Do you wish SALES would grow without so much angst?

  • Are you feeling hopeful about SALES for next year?

  • What kind of SALES would make you jump for JOY??

  • Would you like to do SALES in a way that works for YOU?

  • How would it feel to really do what you want to do in SALES?

  • Could you use a JOLT of Debbie each day? :)

I think I have come up with a way that I can work with ALL of you each day in a bite size way that can make a big difference on YOUR bottom line!

#GreatSalesPeople is a membership program for each of you at a price point that you can be with me every day all year – just over a $1/day or only $37/month –paid annually……..…..less than a happy hour once a month, a golf game, a haircut…..what else makes you happy, gives you that “I can do anything” feeling for $37/month…..I would guess…not much!!:)


This is like getting the GROUP rate on that FABULOUS Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines but you get your VERY OWN cabin!.....no being squished in a tiny space with 3 other people who snore and make you nuts on your cruise of a lifetime for the great price you wanted to pay!! 


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE SALES….so, if you got this from a friend who wants you to know me then I hope they told you I LOVE SALES…..and I want each and every one of you to love YOUR SALES!!

I am not nor have I ever been the one that dealt with SALES in a theoretical way……because of my years of selling technology products like semiconductors, printed circuit boards, etc…..and the last 20+ years of selling ME and my services….I am very REAL WORLD, KICK YOU IN THE BUTT, LET’S GET IT DONE, TELL SOMEONE ELSE YOUR EXCUSES – not me!, TAKE ACTION in my approach to how I work with my clients to help them get the results they are REALLY looking for.

That is EXACTLY what I want to do for YOU each day with our #GreatSalesPeople membership program.

Here is how I plan on doing it:

  • Hear from me via Facebook Group each week

  • Access to me via email any time

  • Monthly 15 minute Lightening Sales Coaching sessions

  • Access to all the members of the #GreatSalesPeople community

  • My SALES Library – my eBooks, eTraining Modules, tools and templates


The investment for you to CASH IN on my SALES expertise, knowledge and community breaks down into just over a $1/day or only $37/month – paid annually. 


20+ years I have been SALES coaching and consulting….time flies when you are having fun!

Many of you here have been my clients, attended classes, workshops and speeches I have done or have been in associations or have done community work with me.  I am so grateful for each of you that make up my ‘Debbie Tribe’….you are an incredible, diverse, powerful, wonderful group that have enriched my life beyond measure!!

Over the years I have struggled with coming up with ways that more people can work with me…..there are only so many hours in a day…..a week. 

Many of you have participated in my program – 168 Hours: What are you doing with yours?

So you know I do pay attention to time and what we do with it!!

A few years ago I published my first book, Field Guide To Sales – The All Weather All Terrain Guide to Sales in hopes that those who could not afford to work with me one on one could have a part of me for $25 – or if they wanted a DIY – Do It Yourself – program they could do that for $349.

Those things worked for many people.

But still people say I wish I could take your energy and have a bit of it all the time, I wish you could come back to the office with me, if you could help me I know I could be even better…….


I still have not figured out how to get MORE HOURS in a week……….BUT……..

Normally I charge thousands of dollar retainers each month but I have run out of hours to help all the people I want to help. So, I have put together an offer that I believe is easy to say YES to that will help many people each day versus a few people each week. 

Are you ready? Tired of doing it alone? SIGN UP TODAY!!!

Whether you are an individual contributor in a corporation, a one person company like me, a privately held company where you have some responsibility for sales yourself………..or, whether you have been doing SALES for years, have some but not a lot of experience……..or, whether you have been successful at sales or not……….I believe this is the place for you!

If you are PASSIONATE about what you want to accomplish in SALES and are willing to be INTENTIONAL about doing the work…….you have come to the RIGHT PLACE!!

If you want to make excuses, talk about why things never work out for you, why your boss is a BOZO…you get the picture….well then, this is NOT the place for  you!

There have been people in the past (…and will probably be in the future) who did not believe that I was always so positive, energetic, happy, excited all the time…..the truth is….I am! Yes, of course I have difficult times or circumstances or things that make me sad but my way of being and my spirit are all about the positive and getting things done……and WE GET THINGS DONE!!

So, if you would like to get off the track you have been on and get things done and get to where you REALLY want to be……..then get on the #GreatSalesPeople train TODAY!!!!!! CLICK HERE

ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!  

Happy Selling!

P.S. If you are struggling month to month, always wondering where your next sale is going to come from, missing your sales goals despite doing ALL YOU KNOW and HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO…..this program is for YOU!!!!

"You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great!"
Debbie Mrazek