Sales Growth and Acceleration

You know you want more sales. Maybe even know the type of sales. Now what? For more than 30 years, The Sales Company has accelerated the sales cycles of some of America’s largest organizations. Our clients include Texas Instruments, Alcatel, and many others you would recognize! Yet, we’re delighted to help any size sales team—even solopreneurs.

Buying a lead list is not quality lead generation

Is a cold lead or warm lead a faster route to new business? A warm lead, of course! Our lead generation programs are all about leveraging intellectual capital to accelerate sales for you.



  • Weekly sales meeting
  • Components of the sales process introduced at each session
  • Sales skills introduced and practiced at each session
  • Sales tracking and forecasting
  • Fee based on team size

Custom-designed program for your needs

We work to create the ideal lead generation program designed to deliver the results you want. We stay only as long as we are needed and impart skills to your organization for long-term success. Our ultimate goal is always to meet and exceed your sales revenue goals.

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The sales professional is the conduit between the company and the marketplace.

This is a critical role for ensuring that your message is consistent and leads to more of the business you want!

Get predictable results

  • Accelerating team sales growth 
  • Growing revenue
  • Leveraging current client relationships
  • Increasing closing and client retention rates
  • Improving sales professionals’ results

Do you face these challenges?

  • Sales cycles that are too long
  • Roller-coaster sales – up one month, down the next
  • Rapid growth with sales instability due to new teams
  • Strong, yet flat sales revenue
  • Not enough sales
  • Salespeople struggling

The Sales Company works with C-level executives to determine appropriate sales processes that support business initiatives. We also identify best practices within your organization, allowing us to easily create systems to support your sales team.

True lead generation

True lead generation results in qualified candidates who may actually buy something from your company.

You may be in need of our lead generation program if you are experiencing:

  • An inevitable sales revenue gap
  • Too much activity with little or unsatisfying results
  • A longer-than-acceptable sales cycle based on a highly complex sale
  • Too many closed doors week after week
  • Sporadic success
  • Time management

Ready to get started? Contact The Sales Company and your sales could increase in as few as 30 days!