The Field Guide to Sales

The Field Guide to Sales

It’s like a GPS and machete to help you burst through the jungle of what’s holding you back from complete sales mastery!

  • Tired of the uphill battle to gain new clients?
  • Worn out from constantly running in circles to get everything done and feeling like you are accomplishing nothing?
  • Exhausted from wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day?
  • Sick of experiencing the sting of rejection from prospects?
  • Frazzled and fed up of your boss nagging you to meet some “pie in the sky” goal?

And even worse, does it feel like no matter how hard you work, no matter how you push yourself to get up and go, there is always someone who seems to get all the breaks?

It’s time for that someone be you.

Instead of teaching you how to sell, I teach you how to prepare to be there
when the customer is ready to buy, so selling becomes easy, comfortable, and fun.

Your life in sales will look like this

  • In as little as two weeks, that someone can be you. You are that top sales person who makes it look easy, always looks rested and does not seem to work that hard.
  • Referrals come from unexpected places and contracts you thought were dead are suddenly reinvigorated!
  • You easily meet your quota and current clients buy more
  • Instead of pushing so hard, you can relax as you work a system that puts sales on autopilot!

Selling is a complex subject, yet it follows a simple process. The little secret is that people don’t like to be sold, but they really love to buy!

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Salespeople often use one of two approaches— both are flawed.

  • Scatter Shot Lead Chasing
  • To-Do List Process Overload

The Field Guide to Sales lays out a better way

It’s a flexible sales process that puts you in control and gets others to do all the heavy lifting for you. And, the best thing is that you have a pocket coach and a step-by-step road map that allows you to spot and fix typical sales weak spots before they can do damage to your sales numbers!

The fact is, if you aren’t hitting your numbers, you are spending your time on the wrong things and in the wrong areas.

The top 1% do not work themselves to death just to make quota

How is that possible? They have the right system and the right approach. They spend their time in three distinct areas, understanding that these key areas hold the keys to turbo-charged sales. In short, they know a secret that the other 99% of sales professionals don’t.

I’ve been in your shoes – out in the trenches day-to-day. I also have been a top 1% sales producer. Whether you’re a new salesperson working to get that first client or you’ve been selling for years, the systematic process is always the same.

The Field Guide to Sales Program helps you focus time, energy, and other resources on things that matter for you, the client, and the company. It can also help you lighten your load of activities that steal your attention from the bigger prize.

What you’ll take away from reading the book

  • A systematic process that is easy to follow giving you more time in your day
  • Sales tools to track every step giving you visibility and accountability of every aspect of your sales progress
  • Increased awareness of a solid sales process giving you the ability to be in the right place at the right time, every time
  • The ability to exceed expected sales goals giving you control of your destiny
  • The model of a top producer down pat, giving you access to a recession proof sales environment
Debbie’s wisdom is for anyone who has ever thought, ‘sales is so hard.’ If you want a systematic, simple way to make more sales and enjoy yourself in the process, then you need to get this book today!

— Tina Ferguson, award-winning marketing expert and CEO of Rapid Success Partners

What’s Inside the book

The Field Guide to Sales is packed with practical advice and tools to use daily. You will have techniques at your fingertips to focus your attention and action. Just a few of the topics include:

  • Building your sales forecast, step by step
  • How to spend more of your time on activities that boost sales
  • How to easily rid yourself of unhappy customers by setting up the relationship to win
  • Why there’s more opportunity than you realize all around you
  • The four types of listeners and how to influence with each
  • What to do when the best-laid plans fall short
  • Energizing your environment

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How to buy

Order The Field Guide to Sales book by itself.

But, to really lock in your sales mastery, you’ll also want the 12 companion, downloadable e-modules, providing:

  • In-depth coverage of every chapter in The Field Guide to Sales book
  • Exercises to assist you in implementing the techniques you are learning

Buy the Complete 12-Chapter eManual: $147

Individual chapter titles and e-module topics: $27 each

Ch. 1. Forecast: Your Map to Success

Ch. 2. Your Itinerary

Ch. 3. Your Backpack & Provisions

Ch. 4. The Landscape

Ch. 5. Your Traveling Companions

Ch. 6. Outbound Communications

Ch. 7. Inbound Communication

Ch. 8. Awareness of the Environment

Ch. 9. Creativity Wins the Day

Ch. 10. Getting What You Came For

Ch. 11. Overcoming Obstacles

Ch. 12. Just Do It


The Field Guide to Sales is $24.95 plus U.S. shipping, or $29.95 plus international shipping.

The companion e-modules are $27 each.

The entire 12-chapter eManual is $147. That’s less than half price of the total of 12 individual e-modules.

The value bundle:
The Field Guide to Sales eCourse

  • The Field Guide to Sales hard-cover book
  • In-depth coverage of every chapter in The Field Guide to Sales book
  • Exercises to assist you in implementing the techniques you are learning
  • Personal interactions with Debbie through video and downloads

This is the only way to have one-on-one interaction with Debbie, short of contracting with her for sales training or consulting.

Total bundle price is just $197. Bought separately: $349. That’s a 43% discount, and you get time with Debbie.

Buy the Value Bundle: Book, eManual, Time with Debbie: $197


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