Why Every Company Needs a Millennial for the Sales Team


First published on Rocks Digital
By Debbie Mrazek

There are many stereotypes surrounding the millennial generation and they focus mainly on the negative aspects associated with the generation, rather than focusing on the positives including the fact that they are actually more tolerant, educated and optimistic compared to previous generations. With all the speculation about the career choices for millennials, I thought we should explore why every company needs to hire a millennial for their sales team.

Why Sales is a Good Fit for Millennials

    Ability to interact with many people throughout the day
    Value being rewarded for their personal efforts
    Autonomy experienced in the world of sales
    Sales has been rated as the 5th happiest job available in America

Millennials Have Strong Sales Skills

It will come as no surprise for those already in the field of sales that the specific set of skills required to be a successful sales person are the strongest among millennials. When you take into consideration their educational background and the types of jobs available for those with their level of education, it is no surprise that sales would be a good fit. The majority of millennials tend to have a strong background in research and communication which are excellent traits for any sales person.

Social Media and Technology Experience

Their extensive experience with social media and technology can help millennials become successful in sales since so many consumers are making buying decisions online. They are the most technically advanced and experienced generation we have ever seen and, because of this knowledge, they have an advantage over older sales professionals who may not be as tech savvy. When Millennials use this knowledge to their advantage they are able to broaden the scope of their sales reach.

Why Should Millennials Want a Sales Job?

For millennials interested in obtaining employment at a startup or even becoming an entrepreneur, a background in sales can be extremely beneficial. Knowing how to sell and close the deal is an extremely useful skill that can provide an advantage in the job market.

As an employer, it’s time you look past the negative stereotypes of the millennial generation and focus on all the positives aspects they offer your business.

Does your business currently employ Millennials on your sales force? Share the positives you have seen from their generation when it comes to sales!